Protesting integration of Central High


There is a lot of confusion about terms such as “White nationalism” and “White supremacy.” Such labels are currently used to put ideologies in a box, and their meanings vary depending on who is using the terms. We’ll come back to this later.

The League of the South held two flash rallies on February 23, 2019, in Arkansas.

LIttle Rock Central high

The first was at Central High School in Little Rock which was desegregated by President Eisenhower in 1957. The second was thirty minutes south of Little Rock, AR. Both rallies were similar to recent League events in Selma, AL and Livingston and Newport, TN.

Integration of Central High was forced by the federal government. As can be read in Carlton Putnam’s Race and Reason, the justification for integration is based on a lie, began by politically motivated anthropoligists such as (((Franz Boas))).

As Hunter Wallace has documented thoroughly on his blog (such as here, here, and here,) in Selma and similar places such as the once thriving Detroit, the practical effects of the political empowerment of Blacks has led to an increase in black crime, causing white flight. White flight in turn took away jobs and further increased black crime.

White supremacy, in its more benevolent form, is not the view that Whites are somehow better than all other races, but the view that in some cases they should rule over other races. This is different from strict White nationalism, which emphasizes one blood on ancestral, historical soil, and the deportation of all others.

The League does not seek to send blacks back to Africa, or to send them to their own separate state, but rather to return to a kind of benevolent White rule (political supremacy) which would return race relations to the Jim Crow South, when black crime was lower, jobs were more plentiful, and Black and White families were stronger, and segregated.

flash rally feb 2019