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Joining the League of the South entails more than just sending us money – it means you wish to meet and fellowship with other like-minded individuals. You will be strongly encouraged to participate in various events. If you wish to support our cause but would prefer not to be an active member, consider donating.

If you would like to join the League of the South, please visit the “FAQ” and the “League Position Papers” sections of our website to make certain that your world-view aligns with the League’s Core Beliefs.

Once you are certain that you have found your home and would like to join, please complete the application for membership below and mail it in with the nominal membership fee.

Click here for a printable application form.

Message from the President of the League of the South:

The League of the South is not a “neo-Confederate” or “Southern heritage” organization, although we certainly do honor our ancestors and our largely Christian historic inheritance as Southerners. The League is a present – and future – oriented Southern Nationalist organization that seeks the survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people. We stand for our Faith, Family, and Folk living in freedom and prosperity on the lands of our forefathers.

If this vision of a free, prosperous, and independent South appeals to you, we invite you to join us.

Michael Hill